Support the Artist


SubscribeStar is a platform that allows you to support your favorite creators via a monthly subscription, with your choice of payment tiers. Many creators offer exclusive rewards to those who subscribe. Once you’ve subscribed, you can also send creators a one-time tip at your discretion. If you've heard of Patreon, it's the same concept, but grants its creators far more freedom in the themes and subject matter they're allowed to create.

My subscribers receive the following:

  • High resolution files

  • Process breakdowns

  • Exclusive WIPs, thumbnails, scrapped projects, etc

  • Sketchbook PDFs

  • Blog posts

  • Discord role & exclusive channels

  • Commission & store discounts


Gumroad is a platform where creators can sell digital content. For artists, this usually means digital image packs, high resolution files, exclusive digital content, and more. 


Some platforms and options I plan to explore in the future:

  • Livestreaming on Twitch and/or Picarto

  • Conventions