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People tend to think of robots as cold, sterile things incapable of emotion, creativity, or compassion. They're created with the sole purpose of following human orders, and that lack of humanity will eventually lead them to out-logic us and wipe out or replace the human race. I don't like to think of robots this way. It's paranoid, pessimistic, and honestly, fucking boring.

Where monsters are an allegory for queerness, robots have become one for neurodivergence. People on the autistic spectrum have long been described as robotic, and various forms of neurodivergence have been called cold, calculating, emotionally distant, and far, far worse. But anyone who's bothered to try and understand how any of these people think know this is far from the case. They're not emotionless or uncaring, they just process and express things differently. They're vibrant and full of life, and undeniably human, just how I like my robots.

But also: I just think they're fuckin' cool.

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