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Commission Types

SKETCH: Rough linework with simple texture and/or color overlays. Construction lines may be visible in some cases. 2400x3000 px (8x10 inches) at 300 dpi by default. Only available on livestreams or at conventions.

FLAT: Clean linework, solid monochrome tones or colors with no shading and minimal rendering. Texture and color overlays often applied. Size varies.

COMIC INKS: Clean, textured linework, heavy black shadows and white highlights with hard or crosshatched edges over flat colors or monochrome tones. Textures and color overlays applied at artist's discretion.

DIGITAL PAINTING: Lineless grayscale or color with complex lighting, shadows, and fully rendered forms. Size varies.

TRADITIONAL: Fully rendered grayscale or color in a variety of media including graphite, ballpoint pen, watercolor, colored pencil, and more. Charged by size and materials. Originals offered at steep discount.

ICONS/BADGES: Character portraits (head or head + shoulders/hands). Icons are square with background space filled, while badges are die cut and include the character's name and space for a lanyard clip. Style may vary.

REFERENCE SHEETS: Turnarounds of characters to provide other artists, costume makers, etc. with reference material for future commissions. Charged by the number of full body views and detail vignettes. Contact for more info.

CUSTOM CHARACTER DESIGN: Artistic liberty required. Client provides a moodboard, list of traits, etc. for a custom-made character for the client's personal use. Commercial use rights warrant additional fees. Charged by complexity and number of full body views and detail vignettes. Contact for more info. 

Other commissions are negotiable. If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, feel free to contact me and ask for something else! I am flexible and more than happy to find something for you.

Client Testimonials

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