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Sponsor an Illustration

Have a vague idea you'd like to see my interpretation of? Want me to try and design that one obscure cryptid you love?  Wish I'd draw my own damn OCs more often?


This is the option for you.

This is an experimental idea I got from another artist. Basically, you pay me to draw for myself - since private commissions are my primary source of income, it's very easy for my personal work to get sidelined. It sucks for me, and it sucks for the people who want to see my characters, projects, and non-character art.

These require full artistic liberty - you're welcome to make suggestions for poses, outfits, mediums, etc (in addition to the request idea itself), but I will make the final decisions. I keep full rights to the images and any designs in them. You would essentially be paying to make sure it gets drawn. You could ask for all kinds of things, but here's some examples to give you a frame of reference:

  • Vice in a three-piece suit

  • What if Zeph and Nina got captured, with BDSM elements

  • My* favorite Pokemon

  • My take on a chupacabra or Ammut the Devourer

  • A gay minotaur/satyr couple being cute

  • Fanart for all those things I say I want to do fanart of and never do

  • Redo a particular piece from like 2016

  • Finish a piece that's been sitting half done for 3 years

  • That character that's been sitting on my Toyhouse with 2 art pieces, both from 2012

* - "My/I/etc" here referring to me, VicekillX, the artist, not you/the client

Some examples of things this "commission" type is NOT for, and/or will likely be rejected:

  • Your OCs, avatars, personas, mascots, etc (see my private commissions for that)

  • Fanart of fandoms or characters I am not interested in

  • Kinks, fetishes, and other situations that I am not interested in

Since this is experimental, pricing and structure may change frequently until I find what works best. For now, a $50 sponsorship will guarantee 1 hour of work on your request. I may put more into it if I'm really feeling it, but 1 hour is the minimum. You are welcome to sponsor more than that, or gather multiple people to sponsor a single piece together - ALL sponsors will get a high res file of the final product when it's finished. The more that gets put in, the more work gets done!

Sponsorships will be announced in my Discord server (and maybe social media, if I think it'll be a popular idea) for other people to sponsor the same piece.


If you are interested in sponsoring a piece in this fashion, fill out the form below. You can also view my personal queue, which includes both sponsorships and other personal work (feel free to sponsor one of those too!).

Sponsorship "Wishlist"

These are the things that I really, really want to do, but have never been able to get around to for one reason or another. If you sponsor one of these things, you'll be my favorite person! ♡

  • Redo/finish:

  • Jersey Devil x Mothman

  • Dakimakuras of the following: Vice, Zephran, Dantalion, Baphomet

  • Reptilian characters 

  • Ancient Egyptian themes (with or without fantasy elements)

  • BDSM demons for merch

  • Merfolk

  • Designs I bought and haven't drawn yet

  • Batfamily 

    • Jason Todd or Dick Grayson especially​

    • JayDick ship especially

  • Spider-man

  • Symbiotes

    • includes Venom/Eddie, Venom/Carnage, Venom/Spidey ships​

  • Soul Reaver

  • Skeletor

  • Elias Ainsworth

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