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2023-24 Commission Overhaul

I haven't been satisfied with my commission structure for a minute now. More specifically, I:

  • felt really guilty charging a few hundred dollars for sketches because I didn't account for multiple fees adding up very quickly when I initially came up with them (and an enthusiastic thank you to the people who chose to pay it anyway, y'all are insane in the best way <3)

  • increased a little too much a little too quickly and now find myself going a few months between pieces, or only doing stream sketches and other small, quick things

  • got really bored of doing only solo pinups all the time and missing character interaction and romance because people couldn't afford to spring for 2 characters anymore


So, I decided to start over. There are now 3 different ways to pay me to make new art, all via one-time payments (as opposed to passive subscription format like SubscribeStar), and they cover a much broader price range.


Personal commissions: This is the most expensive option, and your pretty typical standard commission type. You provide a character reference or description, a pose or scenario, an outfit, or whatever other ideas you have. I provide WIPs for you to approve, and you can ask me to make adjustments as we go. You get a high res file for your stash and personal, non-commercial usage rights. Average price is $300-800 for lower tiers and $800-1500 for higher tiers.


Stream sketches: This is the middle option. You provide a character reference, a short list of personality traits, and/or a mood. Everything else is entirely up to me. There are no WIPs or edits, and the sketch is done live on stream. You get a high res file for your stash and personal, non-commercial usage rights. Average price is $150-300.


Sponsorships: This is the most budget-friendly option. Essentially you pay me to draw for myself. You provide a vague idea or concept, and I do whatever comes to mind with that prompt. You can also put it toward drawing my own OCs, redrawing old pieces, or making sure I go back to WIPs that have been sitting around a while. You can also get multiple people to chip in for the same thing. The price is $50 per hour put in, with a 1 hour minimum. (Note: this is still an experimental idea, so things may change over time)


Some other changes I've made:

  • No more explicit content fees! - This fee was originally added because of the increasingly few platforms that allowed explicit art and the extra work to censor for the rest. Now with DA, Cohost, and Bluesky allowing it, it isn't necessary anymore.

  • No longer refusing furries - I'm open to doing furries again, but I'll be far more selective about which ones I take, and probably less strict with stream sketches and sponsorships than with personal commissions. There may or may not be a content fee for them depending on the concept.

  • Price caps - As I said before, the content fees (wings, complex markings, etc) were adding up real quick and pushing the totals far beyond what I was comfortable charging. I've put soft caps on each of the commission tiers to ensure that this doesn't keep happening. I will not be listing the caps publicly in case there is ever a case that warrants waiving it.



I have hope that this'll both give people more options, and grant me some more freedom to work on things I like and/or....lowkey forgot about lol


🤍 Thank you all once again for your patience and your support 🤍

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