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VicekillX and GildedAshes

For most things in life, I find myself falling outside the convenient, established categories more often than not. Apparently art is no different. I've spent the last several years in somewhat of an artistic identity crisis.


I have varied interests in art, and the idea of leaving any of them behind to focus on another has always been very distressing. I like graphite just as much as watercolor and now I'm learning to like digital just as much again. I like drawing majestic wildlife and adorable pet portraits just as much as I like drawing the grotesque monsters and not-so-tasteful nudes. And what interests me one month, week, day may me excruciating to get through the next. The idea of getting pigeonholed into one thing in any category terrifies me.

But I ran into this undeniable disconnect between those two subject matters especially. I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable with having pet portraits that mean a lot to people right next to gratuitous monster cock. There are always gonna be some people who like both, but generally speaking, the people here for porn aren't interested in pretty animal art, and the people here for the pretty animal art definitely aren't interested in demon cocks. On top of that, I've hesitated on a lot of business opportunities and collabs with people who have very family-friendly audiences because I know they either have to not credit me for the work, or risk their underage viewers finding their way to my adult art, and no one wants that.

So, the best solution I could think of was to split my work and basically play the role of two different artists. The GildedAshes name I've been using for the past two years can continue on as the more ""high-brow"" business (though I may end up changing that name eventually too, but it's okay for now) and VicekillX can be for the spicier shit. Plenty of people have AD/NSFW accounts separate from their mains, and there's no reason my AD/NSFW account can't be my main, with the clean PG-13 side account.

So, I'm gonna give this a try. GildedAshes will remain for wildlife, pet portraits, and some more family-friendly fantasy on a bunch of new accounts. VicekillX will have my character work, headworld projects, and 18+ art. VKX will be taking over the pre-existing accounts with a name change. VKX will link back to GA, but none of my GA accounts will link back to VKX in an effort to keep the kiddies locked out. 

I know name changes can be confusing for a lot of people, especially when they're as close together as mine have been. If you find yourself feeling frustrated over it, just imagine how I feel, lol. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you're as excited for the future as I am ♡

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